In the previous post, I have mentioned that we had to carry out a survey using online survey monkey. We also distributed printed questionnaires to our classmates and some of our friends from different faculty. Alhamdulilah, they responded quite well.

After collecting the data from the distributed survey, we moved to SPSS matter. Frankly, that was the first time I used SPSS and in the same time I did not have a clear idea on how it works. Same goes with my classmates. However, thanks to Encik Yusoff who guided us, we managed to put the data in SPSS.

Move on to report. We somehow managed to finish the report though my pair and I were a little bit late.

In our report, we inserted together:

  • abstract
  • introduction
  • literature review
  • research approach
  • findings
  • recommendation and conclusion

I think that’s all for today’s post

Have a great day ^^