For this week assignment,we have to conduct a survey research on Operating System topic.For the pilot test,we have to use Survey Monkey.No,it’s a type of monkey,it’s the name of a website that can conduct any survey in an online form.We registered for free,added 10 questions and linked it to our classmates at the Facebook and Yahoo Group,so that they can answer our questionnaire.

Our questions are all easy,you just have to click YES or NO.You can also refer to our post in my Facebook Group to answer them 🙂

Here is a preview of our questions:

1. Operating system is an intermediary between a computer user and computer hardware.

2. Spyware is one of the common problems of operating systems.

3. When program crashed repeatedly,reboot your computer.

4. Reboot the computer when hardware stops working.

5. Windows 7 is not one of the example of computer operating systems.

6. The operating system starts and shuts down a computer.

7. Mobile operating system is similar to computer operating system.

8. An adware remover is a program that detects and deletes spam.

9. All sizes of computers typically use the same operating system because operating systems generally are written to run on any type of computer.

10. The process of starting or restarting a computer is called booting.


that’s all for week 6 🙂