Last Monday was the first class of GE1155.First of all,GE1155 is the course code for Computer in Education.Half of my classmates and I are under the supervision of Dr.Rosseni Din.

In the first class,we had the ice breaking session with Dr. Rosseni.She is really nice and approachable that made me feel comfortable being in her class.Unfortunately,she won’t be around after this to monitor us closely because she’s going to Makkah to perform hajj.But don’t worry.She might be thousand miles away from us but she will continue to monitor us from far.Of course,thanks to the superb technology;the internet!

Besides that,we also had been introduce to the course itself.Looking through the course proforma,I think we need to work hard because I don’t find them easy and they need a lot of hard works.

For the first activity,we have to create a new gmail or yahoo account,start a blog in here and participate in yahoo and facebook group.Not to forget,exploring SPIN like we did for other courses.

That’s all for the first post I guess 🙂